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Cyber-safety education

​On Wednesday afternoon, our Adopt-a-cop, Constable Beau McNamara, met with our Year 5 & 6 students to discuss staying safe while on-line. This is an age group where students begin to explore and play in the space of social media which can potentially be quite dangerous and ugly.  Social media has many positives however if not used safely, the ramifications can be quite serious.  

Constable Beau spoke to our students around protecting our private information and being very mindful of posting any photos of ourselves on line that could reveal where we go to school, where we live or even where we are.  Being a safe social media user also means that we must ensure we are at all times respectful and considerate.  The biggest message here was that cyber bullying is never ok and students must follow our 3 steps - Stop->Block->Report. 

Constable Beau also warned our students that nothing on line is ever private and NOTHING can be permanently deleted - everything ends up on "the cloud" and can be obtained from the police quite easily.  Cyber bullying such as threats or name calling is actually a legal matter and the police, like our school, take such matters very seriously.  Constable Beau reiterated, "It's not cool to be cruel!"

Parents wishing to find out how to ensure their children can remain safe on-line are invited to come to our parent information session with Constable Beau on Monday 24th  1:30pm - 2:30pm in the hall.  A very important session not to be missed.​