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Teamwork to overcome challenges

Totally out of their comfort zone and facing loads of new challenges where children needed to work together in pairs and groups was the focus of the Year 6 camp.  Hanging 10m above the ground and relying on a support team to keep you safe is a strange feeling.  Paddling canoes & kayaks and sailing small boats just reinforced the need for these skills.  Not only did the children do really well together but they also built some strong bonds.

The three times daily Facebook updates provided families with an insight into what was happening and I am sure that parents were sharing the excitement as well.  Camp provides lifelong memories​​​ for everyone involved.

Thank you sincerely to the staff who organised and supported the camp program at our school. It is so important that the event is a memorable one for children and the responsibility to achieve this is very significant for staff.  Ensuring children are safe and well is never simple given the complexities that some children present.  Making sure that hundreds of them are cared for requires exceptional levels of commitment. When you discuss camp with your children this weekend, please consider for a moment, the wonderful work of our staff team - including those who did not have the opportunity to share camp experiences.  Everyone played their part brilliantly well.