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CRSS News Desk

Issue 15

Dear Mums, Dads and Carers

A great week again this week saw some outstanding learning in classrooms.  The wet weather on Friday meant that some of our expected activities for the day were postponed.  These included:
  • National Walk to School day and Active School Travel breakfast.  We will let you know the new date once it is set.  
  • Assembly for the Prep and Year 1 students.  Crossing into the hall without cover just makes things a little too uncomfortable.  
  • Year 4 tree planting excursion to help the Gold Coast City Council koala program was also rescheduled.  

Next week sees the start of the inter-school sport competition for Year 6 teams.  We ordered new jerseys and outfits for the teams and they look absolutely amazing.  Look out for some photos in Issue 16.  

Our school team will compete at the district cross-country next Thursday.  Good luck everyone.  I know you will compete with pride and sportsmanship.   

As always, the coming month will be busy.  Some of the coming events include:
  • Interschool sport (Year 6) (22 May)
  • District cross-country (25 May) - Good luck team!
  • Under 8s day (26 May)
  • Prep Woolies breakfast (31 May)
  • Great debate (9 June)

Quote of the week:  Service

Honour bespeaks worth. Confidence begets trust. Service brings satisfaction. Cooperation proves the quality of leadership.  (James Cash Penney)

Rule of the week (Week 6)

An opportunity to be part of history!

An Antarctic experience of a lifetime is on offer for Australian students who choose to enter a very unique competition.  The 'Name our Icebreaker' competition is a national competition to name the nation’s new icebreaker vessel, with a flight to Antarctica on offer to the winning entry.
Up to 12 students (6 primary and 6 high school)  will fly to Antarctica for a day and we'd like to think it will be Coomera Rivers students who will make history by being the first students to land on the continent.

The ‘Name our Icebreaker’ competition has two categories: primary (years 5 and 6) and secondary (years 7 and 8) with classes able to enter their suggested name in a written or video format.  The competition will give young Australians the opportunity to name the sophisticated new Antarctic resupply and research vessel which will shape the future of Australia’s Antarctic Program.  Students in Year 5 & 6 will have an opportunity to come to lunch time workshops and work with teachers to research, brainstorm and create a name that reflects the new ship.  We can only choose one entry to represent our school.

The icebreaker will be more than 156 metres long and accommodate 116 expeditioners. It will be equipped with an array of cutting-edge scientific equipment including a moon pool, multi-beam bathymetric echo sounders, hydrophones and underwater cameras.

Entries will be judged on the criteria of originality, creativity, sincerity, appropriateness and alignment with the values, objectives and activities of the Australian Antarctic Program.  More information can be found in the below brochure.


ArtAST of 2017

Looking for an art project that could win you a prize?  Well then, the Gold Coast City Council’s Active School Travel team have just the competition for you!

Students are encouraged to create an artwork on A3 sized paper which celebrates safe and active school travel themes like walking, cycling, scootering, skating, catching public transport, carpooling and/or road safety. All entries are to be two dimensional and they could be illustrative, collage, comic, or other styles. Various media can be used including coloured pencils, paint, ink or something else.

Artwork will be selected based on effective use of safe and active school travel themes, visual appeal and originality.

There will be two categories:

* Junior Category – Prep to Year 3 Students 
* Senior Category – Year 4 to Year 6 Students

Winners in each category will receive a $75 sports voucher and will be announced “ARTAST of the Year”. Runners up in each category will receive a $25 sports voucher. Selected artwork from each school will be considered in the ARTAST 2018 Calendar.

Students must submit an entry form with their artwork that is signed by a parent or guardian. The student’s name must be displayed on the back of the artwork.

Competition closes and students must submit their artwork to their teacher by Friday 16 June 2017


mySelf program (Week 6)  

The importance of names

You would be absolutely horrified to see the number of clothing items that come into lost property each day.  If the item has a name attached to it, we place it in the teacher's pigeon hole for return to your child. Unfortunately, most items have no names or markings.  Worse still, no-one contacts us to see if a lost item fitting the description has been sent in.  

  1. Name every item.  Your child WILL eventually misplace it.
  2. If an item that does not belong to your child is brought home by accident, please return it to school. We have had cases where parents scratch out a name and claim the item for their child.  This is highly embarrassing when found out and really poor behaviour.  Our school values respect.

Mr Graham needs your help!

As you are probably aware we are currently using a system to assist families with the morning Kiss N Go to help with keeping the traffic flowing and to reduce the congestion on Finnegan Way with queueing traffic.

To support this as a school, we have rostered one of the school leadership team to join the P&C Executive are currently assisting each day and we have a volunteer out there as well.

From the few weeks we have had this process in place we have seen significant reduction in queues and feel that continuing this will provide a great support to our Community.

That is where you come in!

I really need to have 10 volunteers, each willing to do one morning a fortnight to assist me with this.

It is only half an hour and starts at 7.50am and runs through to 8.25am. 

Principal's photo journal...

Active School Travel:          The BMX bicycle skills display this week was really engaging.  Tim (the stunt rider) performed some extremely difficult and daring tricks on his bike and the audience watched on in complete amazement. He also spoke about the importance of safety when riding.  Remember to:
  • Always wear your helmet
  • Always watch traffic and stay off the road if you can
  • Always use a bike or skate ramp to learn and practice stunts.​


Year 2:          WOW of the Week, this week comes from 2H and their teacher Mrs Henderson.
Mrs Henderson and her students are using technol​ogy as part of their daily word study. The lesson below shows students using their iPads to complete a picture search. The pictures they are looking for reflect their spelling rule or pattern for the week.

In this particular lesson, students were searching for pictures that began with 'spr', 'scr' and 'str'.
This was created using the Pic College app and then it was shared with students via Seesaw. 

Prep:          Amy from Prep W has been really excelling in her learning of writing recently.  This week she showed me her latest story and I was amazed.  This is Prep after all.  I am so delighted with the learning results and wonderful skill of teachers and assistant teachers as we implement our Read Write Inc program in Prep and Year 1.  

Student excellence awards

Congratulations to:

Prep                                                                Year 1

Year 2                                                                Year 3

Year 4&5                                                                Year 6

Road safety messages - Please be respectful

Courtesy, patience and awareness:    It is lovely to see families dropping and collecting their children from school each day via the Kiss n Go zone, especially when they are respectful and courteous to other users.  This shows the character that many of our families possess.  It also highlights the deficits that a small number of people who use the area may possess.  This week we have seen:
  • One motorist verbally abuse the crossing supervisor because he (the driver) didn't wish to keep moving forward in the Kiss n Go.  Thankfully the behaviour of the crossing supervisor was a far more respectful and better example for the driver's children to follow.
  • Two motorists blocked cars in the carpark space.  We all need to do our part to keep the traffic moving freely and letting cars out is just as important as getting more cars into the carpark.
We rely on each other to be alert and aware of potentially dangerous situations in the carpark.  We rely on each other to be friendly, courteous and patient.  The process works when everyone plays their part and helps each other.

Sports department news

Representative Sport:     Best wishes this week to our cross-country team next week when they compete at the District carnival.

Interschool sport begins Monday - maybe - We will need to see what the weather does but the jerseys have arrived and look awesome!

Touch Football, Rugby League and Soccer

Current house points:          Following the cross-country, the house tally stands at


School camps are coming so beat the deadline.

Students in Year 4 and Year 6 will have the opportunity to attend school camp in late July this year. School camps will become a memorable activity for your children.  They will remember aspects of the event for life.  Year 4studentss will be visiting Tallebudgera Beach Camp and Year 6 will be visiting Lake Ainsworth in northern NSW.   

Year 4 Tallebudgera Beach Camp)
To confirm your child’s participation in the camp program the following must be received by Friday 26 May 2017.
 * Non-refundable deposit of $65.
 * Completed CRSS permission note 
 * Completed medical and consent form 
 * Full payment must be received by Friday 14 July.

Please refer to the note sent home this week.

Year 6 (Lake Ainsworth)
To confirm your child’s participation in the camp program the following must be received by Friday 26 May 2017.
 * Non-refundable deposit of $90.
 * Completed CRSS permission note 
 * Completed Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation medical and consent form 
 * Full payment must be received by Friday 14 July.

Please refer to the note sent home this week.

Junior Girls AFL program


Changes to Active School Travel Starting Point

With walking paths now in place we have been able to move the starting location of our Seagreen / Finnegan Way walking group a little further south to now start on the corner of Urban Village Way and Finnegan way.

This location has some car parking available to make dropping students to this walking location a little easier.  The other two walking groups remain unchanged.  Please see the new walking map below


​Woolies breakfast for Prep

May is breakfast month for Prep!

Thanks to Woolies Coomera East for their ongoing support of this event. Woolies Breakfast is a hit with our students!  Full details of date and time for this event are on the flyer below.

Please consider, when in the market for goods or services, to consider supporting local business that support our school community.


Pizza Temptations provide Kiss n Go rewards

Pizza Temptations Upper Coomera have very kindly donated 1500 pizza vouchers to our community.

These vouchers will be used over the coming weeks to reward families that are caught doing the right thing in our Kiss N Go.

We would like to thank Pizza Temptations for their support of our school community.


School dentist

Gold Coast Oral Health Services are offering free dental check-ups to children in  Prep,  Year 2, Year 5 and Year 6. Other Grades will be offered soon. Family appointments are welcome.

This service will be provided on-site at Coomera Rivers SS by Mobile Dental Clinic 62. Hours of operation for this clinic are Tuesday – Thursday (8.00am – 4.30 pm).

To arrange an appointment for your child telephone the Oral Health Client Service Centre on 1300 300 850 Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 4.30 pm (Excluding public holidays)

For children to be eligible for free public oral health services they must:
 * Be Queensland residents or attend a Queensland school; and, 
 * Be eligible for Medicare(*); and,
 * Meet at least one of the following criteria: 
          - be aged four years or older and have not completed Year 10; or,
          - be eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule; or,
          - hold, or be listed as a dependent on, a valid Centrelink concession card
 (*) Eligibility for Medicare includes holders of green or blue Medicare cards but excludes yellow Medicare cards which are issued to visitors from countries with reciprocal health card agreements

Speech and drama classes

After school speech and drama classes
Thursdays 2.30-4.15pm  
Prep to Year 6 
Venue:  Music Centre. 

Theses classes build and improve self confidence and self esteem, leadership techniques and problem solving: important life skills.
 * accelerate and extend their reading and speaking abilities effectively
 * have fun learning through storying telling, roleplaying, improvisation and mime
 * voice care (projections, delivery, enunciation & speech exercises - phonetics/sounds)
 * weekly speaking tasks (poems, readings - prose, informal speeches, plays - drama)
 * games for listening, observation, focus, self control, self awareness of feelings

Small limited numbers. 
$23 each class.  Class trials for their first 3-4 lessons. 
Parents welcome to sit in on the class.  A structured years program. 

ENROL NOW in preparation for future performances and presentations as entries closing soon. Phone Karen on 44461692/0438732009; local teacher (36 years) of Communication, Speech and Performance. EMPOWER YOUR CHILD FOR LIFE.

Step into life.  Get fit, have fun and raise $

As you know we are committed to fitter and healthier families here at Coomera Rivers State School which is why we’ve teamed up with a fabulous local trainer who will not only get you fitter, but will donate back to our school P&C!  

For Term 2 only:  Enjoy 2 weeks of unlimited group PT for $29.  All funds will go directly to the P&C.


Vic Graham


​​ ​​