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Wednesday afternoon saw six debating teams battle it out in the Grand Final for our 2018 Coomera Alliance Debating Competition.  This competition is in its foundation year and has brought together 7 local primary schools to compete in a number of debates across Term 4. The two top performing teams from Years 4, 5 and 6 were then selected, based on their number of wins and point totals, to represent their school in the grand final. Coomera Rivers was lucky enough to have all 3 teams represented on Wednesday, although lucky isn't the right word. They worked so very hard and were very deserving of this position.

The calibre of speakers at these debates was nothing short of impressive and each debate was exceptionally close. The adjudicators, Dr Lisbeth Kisbet from Griffith University and Mr John Thornberry, Principal from Pimpama State Secondary College, had an incredibly tough job and both walked away completely blown away with how talented our students performed.  Coomera Rivers, however, walked away victorious in all three debates which again, is a remarkable feat given students only had 5 school days to research and prepare for their debate. To formulate a strong team argument, prepare a speech and then deliver it with conviction in such a short space of time is something most adults would struggle with. Year 6

Year 4
Grand final team: Porche, Abbey, Kai and Tori
Other team members: Harry, Oliver, Charlotte and Christian
Coaches: Mrs Comley, Mrs Ellison and Miss Bray
Grand final topic: That parents should be able to smack their children
Result: Coomera Rivers (Affirmative) defeated Norfolk Village

Year 5
Grand final team: Isabella W, Isabella L, Georgina and Tawhiri
Other team members: Charlie, Joel and Amirah
Coach: Miss Thomas and Mr Graham
Grand final topic: That computers have changed our lives for the better
Result: Coomera Rivers (Affirmative) defeated Pimpama State School

Year 6
Grand final team: Zari, Ella, Lily K and Sophie
Other team members: Jazzy, Lily P, Riley and Sarah
Coaches: Mrs Wager and Mrs Findlay
Grand final topic: That corporal punishment should be re-introduced
Result: Coomera Rivers (Negative) defeated Coomera Springs

So the collective decision at the end of the night was that the decision to smack a child should be left to the parent, computers have changed our lives making us smarter, faster and more connected, and corporal punishment should remain out of the school system.

Congratulations must also go to each and every teacher who mentored, inspired, encouraged and supported our students in developing their debating skills. The improvement in our students' confidence and skill was tangible. I also enjoyed working with these students to offer them feedback and coaching. It was a massive team effort. We are genuinely looking forward to the competition next year and we know that our students and teachers, as well as those from our neighbouring schools, are as equally excited.

Mrs Artz

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Last reviewed 04 January 2019
Last updated 04 January 2019