Challenge day and sleepover


Last Friday our Year 6 students experienced our first ever Coomera Rivers Challenge Day. Given our Year 6 students missed their school camp at the beginning of the year due to COVID, it was decided a day full of challenges designed to encourage teamwork and test character was in order. The Challenge Day was followed up by a sleepover at school where more challenges were set and not much sleeping was had!

Students were placed into seven teams which saw new friendships form and an opportunity for some students to work with a chief (teacher) they may never have worked with before. Each team was awarded points based on the ASPIRE acronym.

A - Take ACTION - Have a go
S - SERVE - Be kind and give others a go
P - PERSIST - PERSIST through struggles and setbacks
I - INFLUENCE others and set the example
R - RESPECT for people, group and equipment
E - ENCOURAGE others.

Congratulations for a solid victory to the Pink Flame-ingos who were lead by Chief Comley. This was certainly the team with a big heart. Our Challenge Day was a huge success with students voicing this should now become a CRSS tradition.

Below is a recount written by Year 6 students Kade and Jackson, who together captured what our Challenge Day and sleepover entailed.


At last, the day had arrived. After spending the morning in normal classes, we finally split into our groups for the upcoming days. Yellow, blue, purple, green, orange, white and pink were working hard to make their group stand out. Each group was given a box that contained all of the items necessary to complete challenge day. Inside this mysterious box was a scroll. This scroll told us the steps to prepare for the days ahead. Groups had to decide how to wear their team bandanna. There was a variety of ways that groups chose to wear it, including on the head, around the wrist and ankle. Next it was time to decide the team name. Names included The Dabbing Ducks, The Flaming Tigers, Purple Patricias, White Raiders, Blue Blizzards, Flaming Flame-ingos & The Baby Kermits. Home base design and decoration planning was next. Teams chose decorations such as streamers, balloons, drawings and much more. Other preparation activities included, choosing a team mascot, writing a war cry and painting a unique team flag.

As students walked through the school gates, they saw the oval covered in fun activities that would be completed throughout the day. After a quick rules rundown with Mrs Artz, (AKA The Challenge Master), we headed off to decorate our home base gazebos. Flags were flown and mascots were on display. Colour was everywhere. After finishing off our home bases, we headed off to activity one. The gladiator activity was up first for a few teams. Big inflatable balls were swinging in all directions as the runner tried to dunk a point for their team. The risk of getting slapped across the face by a ball came with the reward of securing a valuable point for their team. The next activity was the ski and mattress race. Teams had the choice of racing on ginormous, heavy skis or roll a person on a mattress all the way to the finish line. Balance and teamwork was key when using the skis but the weight of the skis was a massive shock and almost everybody fell over. The mattress race required teamwork and communication. Teams would have to get the tubes out from the back and pass it to the front before the mattress fell over. Then came the ultimate obstacle course. Students were up against other teams and had to race to the finish line. Obstacles were physically challenging but students persevered and completed the course. After the ultimate obstacle course came the rugby challenge. Teams learnt the basic rugby skills and played a game at the end. This led us to our main break of the day. This was the chance to put on more sunscreen, rehydrate and have lunch. After the break, we had to pack up our colourful tents and prepare for the flour war. There were two teams competing in the flour war. The red team which included 6K, 6W and 6C verses the black team including 6F, 6L and 6D. Students were given a small bag filled with flour. At last the war started. Flour was everywhere and the sprinklers were on. After the bags were finally empty, we were able to rest. Challenge day was complete and we were in definite need of a shower! 



At 5:30pm students started entering through the school gates. After setting up their bed for the night, they went to have their subway dinner. Once everybody had finished their dinner, we went to the under covered area to see the night’s activities. Yard games was up first for some groups. This fun half an hour included giant chess, ring toss and many others. The students had excitement written all over their faces, after some students went to play an amazing pool noodle game with Mr Graham and Mrs Artz. This game needed teamwork and communication, as they had to tag the opposition below the knee. Up next was the exciting game of spotlight. Posters were put around the school and students had to go and find them. For the first half students were allowed their torches but for the second half they weren’t. This is due to the wildlife down the side of the school. Some groups saw kangaroos and possums. Last but not least was trivia. This magnificent trivia was based over four categories Science, Australia, Sport and Geography. Students worked in groups of five and worked together using the knowledge of the team. After trivia was finished, all students headed to the hall to watch Goosebumps. Teachers handed out chip packets so the students could enjoy the movie. At 10:45pm students were told to brush their teeth and go to bed - were we meant to sleep? At 5:30am the next morning, all the students were up. After some morning exercise, the students had some breakfast. The meal included, a sausage in bread, juice, muesli bars and a range of fruit. Shortly after breakfast, students were sent to pack up their belongings. In the courts students put their belongings down and played games waiting for the arrival of their parents. By 8:30am all the students had gone home and the teachers could enjoy the rest of their weekend.

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Last reviewed 01 December 2020
Last updated 01 December 2020