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2019 Kokoda Schools Cup Challenge

It was a cold 8 degrees at Brookfield last Saturday morning when our four Crusader teams took on the Brisbane Kokoda Schools Cup Challenge. There were a few last minute shuffles of our teams because of injuries however our reserves were well and truly prepared to step up because we always saw them as invaluable members of the entire Crusader team.

The atmosphere at the start line was very special and students were urged to take a minute to remember and honour the meaning behind the whole Kokoda Challenge. The idea of the Schools Cup is for schools to form teams that must complete the course together in honour of the spirt forged on the Kokoda Track in 1942; courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice. Quite different from normal school sport events where teachers cheer from the sidelines, this challenge requires a teacher to join as a member of the five person team. The most challenging aspect of being the teacher for these teams is to keep the group going and to continue to motivate students as their bodies start to fatigue and their minds start to tell them they can't do it anymore. Our students and staff were awesome!

What was supposed to be a 15km track, ended up being a 17km distance and it wasn't because anyone became lost! Our teams took this distance in their stride and we are super proud of the achievements on the day.

There were a total of 141 school teams competing on the day. Our results were as follows:

13th - Ms McLean's team - 2 hours 22 minutes
Students: Max, Cooper, Braxton, Alyssus

18th - Mrs Walsh's team - 2 hours 29 minutes
Students: Cruz, Summer W, Haylie, Kayden

23rd - Mr Burrow's team - 2 hours 40 minutes
Students: Cathy, Millie, Lily-Grace, Chezaan

25th - Mr Murillo's team - 2 hours 45 minutes
Students: Hannah, Summer, Zac, Riley

Special mention to our students who were unable to race on the day due to illness or injury: Emily and Audije. And also special mention to our staff who trained with our teams and cheered them on on the day, Ms Wager, Miss King, Miss Stuurstraat, Ms Dare, Mrs Young and Mrs Artz

There was a wonderful sense of accomplishment as students crossed the finish line and received their special 'dog tags'. Families, staff and students then enjoyed a picnic and coffee together which was a really nice way to end the challenge.

Once again, a very special thank you to staff who gave up their Saturdays to train with our students and to families for having their children at all the different training locations at such early hours of the morning.

We'd also like to thank our sponsors at WildEarth and our CRSS student council. We can't wait until next year!



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Last reviewed 12 June 2019
Last updated 12 June 2019