Debaters continue to impress


While some children​​ donned their Halloween costumes on Wednesday night, walking the streets to fill their buckets full of sweets, 16 students came back to school to argue their team’s case in our 2nd round of debates for the Coomera Alliance Debating Competition. What a commendable display of commitment to their team.

This week saw all three teams from Year 4 - 6 debate against Upper Coomera. We even had three students step in at the last minute to go up against Coomera Springs to replace a team that was unable to make the competition.

Our Year 4’s contended that Books are better than movies.  For Porsche, Harry, Kai and Charlotte, this was their first ever debate and they walked away successfully convincing the adjudicators that books certainly ‘bind’ people together and are far more educational.  This was a very clever play on words for their team line.

Our Year 5’s were also first timers in the debating world and argued that Computer skills are more important than handwriting skills.  Isabella, Isabella and Tawhirimatea were also successful in convincing the audience that if we were to rank skills by order of importance, computer skills would come before handwriting skills.  This was a rather skilful way to attack the topic which saw them come out victorious.

Our Year 6 team tackled the topic, That fairy tales send the wrong message, and they agreed wholeheartedly.  Sarah, Ella, Jazzy and Sophie advised us to take the fairy tales off the bookshelf because these unrealistic stories are conveying some pretty disturbing messages to our children.  It appears, the adjudicators agreed with them and it was another win for Coomera Rivers.

Special mention must go to three students who stepped in 3 days before the competition. Unfortunately we had one school who were unable to make it to the Year 6 debate and rather than another school missing the opportunity to participate, we had Tori D and Christian P from Year 4 and Lara C from Year 6 band together to form a last minute team.  Our students in this instance argued against the topic, stating that fairy tales are oozing with valuable messages and we need to stop overanalysing them. They did such an impressive job, providing Coomera Springs with some very strong arguments.  They really did blow the adjudicators away with how polished and confidently they spoke. What a courageous effort. 

While Coomera Rivers currently remains undefeated in this competition, winning it is not our purpose.  It’s wonderful to see our students joining with our neighbouring schools in a friendly competition and learning from each other.  We look forward to seeing how the next round plays out in Week 6 when our Team A’s come back to battle it out for a place in the grand final.

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Last reviewed 03 November 2018
Last updated 03 November 2018