Kokoda Training Session 2 - Oh the hills


A picturesque training session


The Currumbin Border Track provided a picturesque training session this morning for 21 students who are keen to take on the Kokoda Schools' Cup Challenge in June. We were fortunate to have three elite athletes join us in our training this morning - Kieron Douglas, Leigh Thomas and Sam Weir. Their level of energy and enthusiasm was contagious and students were quite inspired and awe struck with their top personal achievements and events.

Keiron's Top Events/Achievements:

  • Ran from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast

  • Completed 203km for the Channel 9 Telethon in 2016

  • Completed 302km for the Channel 9 Telethon in 2017

Sam's Top Events/Achievements:

  • Competed in the world's toughest foot race - 217km across Death Valley in California "badwater135"

  • Completed the world's toughest row - 5020km across the Atlantic Ocean in a row boat.

  • Winner by 21 hours in the ANZAC 450km single stage ultra marathon.

  • Pioneered crossing across Papua New Guinea unsupported - 277km in 9 days.

  • Youngest to finish Coast to Kosciusko twice.  This is Australia's longest marathon (240km)

Leigh's Top Events/Achievements:

  • UTA 100km 9th place in her age category

  • Participated in the 96km Kokoda Challenge 3 times and held the fastest mixed team time record.

  • First ever team trail race was the Brisbane Kokoda Challenge 30km and won it!

  • Competed in the Coastal High 50km trail race and has competed three times in the 42km Gold Coast marathon.

  • Competed in the Cairns 70.3 half ironman.

It was great having these 3 athletes join the team and we're sure they were blown away with the level of determination and enthusiasm our students displayed. The hills were steep and tekking up and down proved to be tricky. It was mountain goat territory in some parts! The ground on sections of the track was muddy and we had a few slips and slides which only created echoes of laughter and giggles. Students completed a total of 8km on a rocky, hilly and muddy terrain. We're certainly going to be well prepared for the Kokoda School's Cup challenge.

Teachers now have the difficult task of shortlisting our group to just 15 students (3 teams of 4 students and 3 reserves). A really big thank you must go to the parents for driving their children to Currumbin for a 6am start. Secondly, a special thank you also to our staff and our elite athlete guests who gave up their Saturday morning sleep-in to train and provide this opportunity for our students. And finally, thank you to Wild Earth for sponsoring our 3 teams. #runwild #mywildearth #escapeartists

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Last reviewed 15 October 2018
Last updated 15 October 2018