Lights Coomera Action!


It took 3 weeks of auditions to find our finalists for the 2019 Lights COOMERA Action! Talent show. This event was organised and run by our Year 3 - 6 class student council representatives and it meant that they needed to give up a number of lunch breaks judging and each of the performances. Overall, there were 106 acts to be judged over four categories - Instrumental Music, Drama, Singing and Dance. It was a tough gig but our student councillors did a remarkable job offering words of encouragement to all our performers.

This week saw us showcase our Runner's Up finalists (students who placed 2nd or 3rd in their category) on Monday and then our Winners on Friday. Four assemblies in one week was a huge feat given we needed to do both assemblies twice, once for our junior school and then again for our senior school. The student councillors were once again responsible for these assemblies, as MC's and supporting our performers with organising microphones and props. It was at our Winners Showcase Assembly that our student councillors could then demonstrate their theatrical skills by treating the audience to a comical skit, "Baking a cake!" It was a wonderful way to finish the term, celebrating the talent at Coomera Rivers.

A very big congratulations to our student councillors for organising such an event and also to all students who had the courage to audition. A big thank you must also go to teachers and staff who supported our student councillors in this role.

Finally, a massive congratulations to our talented performers, both runners up and winners.

  • Instrumental Music - Junior   - Valerie 1C – Piano – Aira
  • Instrumental Music - Senior   - Maya 3GS – Violin – Despascito
  • Drama – Junior   - Amelia – Puppet Show – The Silly Time Machine
  • Drama - Senior  - Keagan 4K – Magic Show - Bedazzled
  • Singing – Junior  - Frankie 2C – A Million Dreams
  • Singing - Senior  - Madison 6L – Walk me home
  • Dancing – Junior  - Silva 2H – Fullmation
  • Dancing – Senior (DRAW)  - Josie 6W – Uptight  /  Maiya 4B - Remedy

Runners Up
  • Instrumental Music - Junior
    • 2nd Mayari 1C – Piano – Lord King Whistles
    • 3rd Hugh 1C – Violin – Japanese Spa Music
  • Instrumental Music - Senior
    • 2nd Gabriel 5/6C – Ukalele – Lemonade
    • 3rd Freya 4F – Violin – Harry Potter
  • Drama - Senior
    • 2nd Wyatt 4P – Monologue from Kid Hero
    • 3rd Arabella, Hailey & Ehva 4B/P – Little Red Riding Hood
  • Singing – Junior
    • 2nd Amity & Oliver 1W & Prep K – A Whole New World (Alladin)
    • 3rd Jasmine & Poppy 1ME – Come on, Come on, turn the radio on
  • Singing - Senior
    • 2nd Shylah 6M Scars to your beautiful
    • 3rd (DRAW)– Summa 3GS - The Climb
    • 3rd (DRAW)– Madison 5W - Loser like me
  • Dancing - Junior
    • 2nd Harper 1E – Shake the room
    • 3rd Lila, Ella, Connie & Flynn 2MC – 7 years old
  • Dancing - Senior
    • 2nd Phoebe 6M 7 rings
    • 3rd (DRAW) – Abbey, Sienna, Tiana, Jasmeet, Alyna, Ellie 5S – Hard Knock Life (Annie)
    • 3rd (DRAW) – Ava, Laila, Lacey, Jessica & Raphaella 6M – Macaroni Amigos

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Last reviewed 08 October 2019
Last updated 08 October 2019