Year 5 leadership program


Our 2019 leadership process has already begun with just under 70 students in Year 5 submitting their applications for a leadership position. However, our school promotes leadership as not being about a badge or position but a mindset and our Year 5 students learned this valuable message when they all attended the Aspire Higher session on Wednesday. 

This program is run by the company Unleashing Personal Potential and saw our students engaged in a range of workshops and activities that taught them about the many aspects of leadership.  From embracing their own personal leadership strengths, appreciating the strengths of others and knowing leadership doesn't come from a badge, to teaching them about the power of teams and how to work effectively in a team.  The team work was evident in the middle session activity called, The Epic Race.

Student reflections from this day have been very interesting and only highlight the importance of this program in developing ALL our students' leadership capabilities.  Here are just a few:

What I've learned about everyday leadership:
  • I have learned that being a leader is not a big thing, it's a small thing. Leadership is about helping and encouraging people to be leaders too.  It does not matter if you don't get to wear a badge because we are all leaders in our own unique way.  (Katie)
  • I learned that even without a badge, someone can look up to you. You can make their day better or at least put a smile on their face. (Meta)
  • Saying something as small as good morning, good afternoon or please and thank you, can really mean something big for someone else. Doing little things and big things requires good decisions and team effort. (Joshua)
What I've learned about team work:
  • Being competitive against others achieves things but if you work together, you can achieve many more things and make better friendships. (Joshua)
  • I have learned that to team you need people you know you can trust. (Naricah)
After students participated in this program,  we selected 27 students to join us on Leadership Camp to the Runaway Bay Super Sports Centre.  This selection was based on leadership applications, classroom observations and how they embraced the workshops.  The camp is designed to take students out of their comfort zones and work as a team with students they may not have already had the privilege of working with.  It is from this group of 27 students that 10 will be selected to attend an interview with the school leadership team to finally select our 2019 Head of School and Head of Student Council.  These 2 positions will be announced at our final end of year assembly.

The remaining badged position process then continues in 2019.  It's a rather rigorous process but one that will see another group of leaders representing our school and their community well.

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Last reviewed 10 November 2018
Last updated 10 November 2018