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myLearn (iPad program information)

All children in Prep to Year 5 will require their own iPad for school each day.

Frequently asked questions

Is the set up of the iPad difficult?

We have developed an iTunes U course to assist families with getting their child’s iPad ready for school.

This course contains important information for families on, the school digital vision, compatible devices and requirements, how to get your child’s device ready and conditions of use of mobile devices.

How much screen time should I expect? What about written work?

Coomera Rivers takes a Blended Learning approach on the use of devices to enhance its teaching and learning activities.

Blended Learning is realised in teaching and learning environments where there is an effective integration of different modes of delivery, models of teaching and styles of learning as a result of adopting a strategic and systematic approach to the use of technology combined with the best features of face to face interaction. (Krause, 2007)

Written work is an effective mode of learning and will still be used when it is the best mode for the teaching and learning activity. Students will still be doing handwriting daily and screen time will vary depending on the learning program for the day.

Transport to and from home?

We strongly recommend a robust case to minimise potential damage to iPads in transit. We also suggest not carrying the iPad in a school bag with a water bottle.

Is security a big issue?

We have had no cases to date of iPads being lost or stolen.

How do teachers manage devices at school?

Students are taught how to look after their devices and the school wide expectations of how to move around the classroom with them. Teachers have a dedicated storage area where students leave their iPad when not in use.

What are the costs?

All students in Prep to Year 5 will require an iPad that is capable of running the latest version of IOS, and school required apps. The cost of the apps for a new student to Coomera Rivers State School is less than $50 with the investment reducing to about $15 each year after.

Domayne Bundall have provided Coomera Rivers families with some great prices and package deals. Families will to make their own decision about where and how to purchase iPads.

What are the cost of devices?

Here is a suggested price from Domayne at Bundall.

Please ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of any agreement you enter into before your sign.

Exclusive offers

Domayne, The School Locker and Comp Now all currently offer our families exclusive price offers on all your myLearn requirements.

These offers are available to staff, family and friends of Coomera Rivers State School.

The 2018 iPad 32GB is the recommended iPad for the myLearn program. This is the minimum specification. There are other models available offering higher levels of specification depending on your budget and personal preferences.

Any iPad purchased for use in class must NOT have any cellular capability.

Please find below the current flyers from each of our exclusive offer partners.

Domayne   -   CompNow   -   School Locker

How to set up your device

Now that you have your myLearn device, it is time to get it ready for learning.

The flyer below is a step by step guide on how to set up your device to by myLearn ready!

Last reviewed 04 February 2019
Last updated 04 February 2019