Mission and values


Our school provides our community with an innovative, fluid and technologically rich learning environment that is committed to the learning needs of every student.

What is innovative?

Innovative is the use of digital and material resources to achieve learning outcomes that exceed those of the nation. We embrace technology to reduce resources such as paper, labour, time and waste. Teachers are able to innovate on current practices by considering research and collaborating with experts and other colleagues globally.

What is fluid?

Fluid is our ability to change in response to the needs of our students, staff and community over time. At Coomera Rivers State School fluid also means that we use current educational research to make decisions about how to best educate our students. This research provides us with common structures and expectations that form a strong base from which to respond to changing needs. Our operations are precise across the school and we operate as one. We respond as a professional learning community when students either do not learn, or are performing at a very high level and share the responsibility for progress. We know the current and future generation of learners learn differently so we utilise technology that compliments curriculum and provides a pathway for highly effective personalisation. Our school is a place of interactive, visible learning and classrooms are disciplined and safe with students taught how to focus on the importance of their work.

What is technologically rich?

Technology is the means by which we provide an innovative and fluid professional service to our students and community. We utilise a small range of information technologies very well to harness learning and teaching opportunities. We use Mathletics, Sunshine Online, Seesaw and other on-line applications approved by curriculum teams to compliment current school programs and to further personalise and monitor student learning. Our school 1:1 digital device program, called myLearn, provides a platform that not only engages students but also enables learning beyond the classroom and the personalisation of the learning pathway.

What is committed to the learning needs of every student?

We make the curriculum relevant to each student. We ensure that differentiation of the unit of work and assessment tasks are documented for future reflection. We provide authentic feedback to every student and their parents in the learning process. Our students are confident and proud of their achievements.

We know that better learning comes from becoming better teachers. We implement professional learning plans for all classroom staff and incorporate the processes of Developing Performance Framework and coaching and mentoring practices for all classroom staff. School leaders and mentors provide authentic feedback to all classroom staff in the learning process with the aim of improving teaching practice and developing a world-class workforce.

We explicitly measure success and progress regularly. We possess a reflective culture where regular data on achievements, progress, strengths and weaknesses of individual students is used in all classrooms. We make continual judgements about the effectiveness of teaching, curriculum and personalised learning. Assessment is recognised as an integrated and natural element of learning. Students are well prepared and aware of assessment criteria and expected standards prior to the commencement of units. This information is shared with families. A variety of assessment opportunities cater for individual learning styles. Each semester we meet as a partnership between students, their parents and teachers, to discuss the student's achievements and progress and establish learning goals. Following each unit assessment, written feedback is provided to students and families for all students.

Our students are confident and proud of their achievements. At our school, they develop leadership skills and understand the advantages of working together as a team to achieve their academic, sporting and creative goals. They have strong literacy and numeracy and posses the skills and confidence in the use of computers and other new technologies. They are prepared for a global community through creating awareness and providing opportunities for students to practice communication, undertake critical research and develop a sense of respect for the planet.

Our school engages families and the community in the education of students. We provide parents with clearly articulated goals and targets for their children so they are well informed and can support learning at home. Our school prides itself on communication with the community and uses a range of media and sources including email, Facebook, school and class websites, Principal’s Blog, school newsletters, school app, SMS messaging and school and class newsletters. We utilise technology to harness and coordinate school volunteers, school interviews and meetings. Our P&C Association is active in assisting school decision-making and supporting school initiatives and provides outstanding support for the school, students and community.

Vic Graham


Dip. Teach., B.Ed., M.Ed

Our school aims in relation to the provision of facilities and services are explained in the section Why choose our school?

Last reviewed 18 February 2021
Last updated 18 February 2021