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​Vuly Play

A bouncing new addition to Coomera Rivers!

At Coomera Rivers State School, we’re proud that our Student Support Centre caters for everyone, including those students who may need extra time and learning assistance. As part of the facilities on offer at the Support Centre, our friends at Vuly Play have generously donated a Large Ultra Trampoline and Shade Cover for our students’ enjoyment! 

The Ultra Trampoline (complete with shade cover) is valued over $1000, and combines all the advanced safety features that Vuly Play is known for. Our students will have a fantastic time trampolining; whilst parents and families can rest assured the equipment is made with safety as an upmost priority. 

Vuly trampolines are made from tightly woven mesh, have no gap between the mat and net, and incorporate an enclosure that’s 40cm taller than competing products on the Aussie market. The Ultra trampoline is also rigorously tested for UV resistance, and for safety performance in wet weather conditions. 

How will we use the trampoline?

We are an inclusive school, and recognise that we have a number students with sensory processing difficulties, who may benefit greatly from the physical and social benefits of trampolining. The Ultra Trampoline will be used as part of our program to help build motor skills and boost social skills, as well as offering stress relief and enjoyment to students in need.

Our Physical Education Team will also utilise the trampoline as part of their class programs. Ultimately, use of this equipment will help reward children throughout the year who show exceptional behavior and commitment to their schooling. 

What are the benefits of using a trampoline?

Trampolines aren’t just for play! In fact, there is a wealth of incredible physical and mental health benefits this type of outlet can provide to growing children: 

1. Improving flexibility - Jumping on a trampoline helps build strength and length in children’s muscles, improving their flexibility. Trampolining also helps to develop healthy bones, ligaments and tendons.   

2. Developing motor skills - Jumping requires whole body movements, core strength and balance; factors that all contribute to fine motor skills. 

3. Boosting cardio fitness - Exercise disguised as fun is one of the best ways to get our kids moving, and to foster a healthy relationship with physical activity! Just a few minutes jumping on a trampoline offers a wonderful cardiovascular workout. Getting those endorphins pumping can also help improve mood and concentration for busy students. 

4. Enhancing posture - Using all the core muscles in the body to jump builds core strength, which helps improve posture and balance. 

5. Encouraging outdoor play - In a world full of screens and technology, trampolines can help encourage fun outdoor play! Getting kids outside in the fresh air and sunshine offers wonderful benefits for their health and wellbeing (including Vitamin D intake.) 

We’re thrilled to be able to provide our students with the benefits that trampolines have to offer! For more information, contact our Student Services team. 


Keeping us cool

In early 2018, our school community embarked on a process to engage an air-conditioning contractor as we initiated our 5 year plan to install air-conditioning to all classrooms within our school.
Local businesses were invited to tender for the contract with 10 companies agreeing to provide our school with a proposal for consideration. 
The tender process included site visits, meetings and the requirement to ensure that all tenders met Education Queensland standards and, as a Public Private Partnership school, the requirements of Aspire, our schools owner.
Once we received the tenders from the companies we enlisted an air-conditioning consultant (that had no link to any of the companies tendering) to review the proposals and recommend an applicant based not only on price but, more importantly, on the quality of the product being installed and the ongoing service being offered.
What we were looking for was not only a business that provided an economical product that was of a quality that would last but also a partner that would work with the school throughout the 5 years we believe it will take for us to successfully install to every classroom.
The successful applicant was Coolphase. Their unit price was within the price range we could afford but better than that, the consultant deemed the product that they were installing to be of the best quality and best fit for purpose. In addition they provided us with a servicing program for the units after install and an offer to assist with our fundraising on a yearly basis. 
They also had no minimum or maximum number that could be installed at one time which means, towards the end of each school term, we can review our fundraising profits from the term, decide on the number we would like installed, advise Coolphase and they are installed during that vacation period.
Their workmanship and communication whilst onsite is outstanding and nothing is too much trouble. They look to work with us in every aspect of the install and service and take the time to give us advise and feedback on all air-conditioning matters.
In 2018, to assist with our efforts Coolphase even completed a room install as a donation to school!
We could be no happier with the partnership we have developed during 2018 with Coolphase and we look forward to working with them into the future.
As a P&C, we have no hesitation in recommending Coolphase and we encourage anyone looking to embark on the air-conditioning journey to make sure they consider Coolphase.

Last reviewed 29 October 2019
Last updated 29 October 2019