Rules and policies


Each of these policies is reviewed annually with the:

  • School Council
  • P&C Association and
  • School Staff.

You will need to read and understand these policies before the enrolment induction meeting. Many of these policies will be discussed at the induction meeting and following the opportunity to ask questions, you will be required to agree to comply with the standards set by the school and community and in some instances, sanctions will apply to students.

Bell times (PDF, 94KB)
Our school bell signals the start and finish of learning times at school. Students are expected to be on time for lessons and activities.

Bicycles, scooters and skateboards at school (PDF, 91KB)
Coomera Rivers State School assists families who allow their children to ride a bicycle to school by providing suitable and secure storage for bicycles. Scooters and skateboards are not allowed at school.

Birthday cakes at school (PDF, 82KB)
It is important to celebrate birthdays and our school is happy to assist parents who supply a cake to share with classmates to mark these special occasions.

Excessive heat (PDF, 86KB)
Coomera Rivers State School implements a number of strategies to manage in periods of excessive heat and thereby reduce the associated discomfort and risks of student or staff heat-related illness.

Forbidden items at school (PDF, 86KB)
Coomera Rivers State School is a safe place. This policy outlines what items are forbidden from our school.

Infectious diseases (DOC, 111KB)
The policy identifies a range of infectious diseases and the periods of exclusion from school.

Homework (PDF, 128KB)
This policy identifies the school requirements for homework and how we can meet family needs.

Medication at school (PDF, 528KB)
Sometimes students require prescribed medication to be administered at school. It is important that careful and strict guidelines be followed. These requirements are described in the policy document.

Mobile phones at our school (PDF, 82KB)
This policy outlines how Coomera Rivers State School manages student use of mobile phones at school.

Pets at school (PDF, 86KB)
We do not encourage pets from home to visit our school except on special occasions.

Raising a concern (PDF, 90KB)
During your children’s school years, families may have cause to make a complaint about an issue with their education. Education Queensland is committed to ensuring that all complaints are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner. This policy outlines the processes and support structures in place to enable families and students to work through any issues they may have.

Student dress code (PDF, 128KB)
Our student dress code consists of an agreed standard of dress for students who attend our school. The uniform for students is developed through a thorough consultation process with parents, staff and students. The dress code also covers other aspects of personal presentation of students.

Sun smart (PDF, 82KB)
Because we know it just makes sense!

Last reviewed 01 May 2020
Last updated 01 May 2020