Student leadership


At Coomera Rivers, the development and extension of strong character and leadership is integral in what we do for all students.  We instil in our students that leadership has nothing to do with a badge or a title, but everything to do with what you DO to demonstrate strong character, an ethical conscience, inspire change and add value to society.  A true leader inspires steadfast loyalty through embracing school life and radiating a positive attitude to each and every situation and person. EVERY person has the potential and opportunity to lead.

At Coomera Rivers we can provide opportunities for all students to DO something that adds value and we encourage them all to embrace this opportunity. 

Leadership role selection process

The badged leadership process begins with Year 5 students submitting their formal written applications expressing an interest in the many positions available to them in Year 6.  These applications also require their classroom teacher and parent endorsement.  Around 25 students are selected to attend a leadership camp facilitated by the Runaway Bay Sports Centre staff.  From observations made at this camp, the Aspire Higher program, general behaviour and commitment to school life and also students' written applications, our two most prestigious positions – Head of School and Head of Student Council - are selected.

Our Head of School and Head of Student Council positions prestigious positions to attain and are announced at a special end of year assembly where current leaders hand over to the leaders-elect.

All other positions are selected the following year following a rigorous selection process including applications, speeches and interviews.  Leadership positions are then announced at a special leadership assembly at the beginning of the year.

Aspire Higher education

At Coomera Rivers, we feel it is important that every student be provided with an opportunity to develop the appropriate skills that will enable them to thrive in leadership.  Regardless of whether students are considering a leadership role in our school, we see these skills as transferable in that they will help students not only in future careers but also everyday life.

In Term 4 each year, our entire cohort of year 5 students participate in the 'Aspire Higher' program run by the company Unleashing Personal Potential.  Through a series of workshops, the message of 'leading without a badge' is reinforced. Students engage in a range of activities that rely on building and extending trust, getting to know one another and appreciating the strengths of others, to teaching them about the power of teams and how to work effectively in a team.

The program is certainly an opportunity for teachers to see all students develop their communication and problem solving skills and of course, see them all shine as leaders.

Leadership camp for practical learning

Aspiring Year 5 leaders participate in a leadership day camp at the Shearwater Broadwater Park and then the Runaway Bay Super Sports Centre.  The camp is designed to further develop the leadership and team work skills of students who are seeking to gain a badged position the following year, in particular, as Head of School or Head of Student Council.

Leadership positions at our school

Heads of School

Head of School, often known as School Captain, not only represents the student body but also represents the whole school, its values, its good name and honour.  The Head of School is a leader, is independent and reliable and is often called upon to chair assemblies, meet and greet special visitors to our school, attend special events and, together with the Head of Student Council, work alongside the Principal and school leadership team.

Head of Student Council

The Head of Student Council holds the important job of coordinating the entire student council by running regular student council meetings.  Meetings have a clear agenda and minutes recorded.  Part of their role is to delegate tasks to other leaders and to ensure important messages are related to each representative and their class. The Head of Student Council is called upon quite regularly to represent the students at special events and works alongside the Heads of School.

Heads of House

Head of House isn't just about wearing the badge or being the boss or even just cheering your team mates on (although this is important – the cheering is important), it also requires the desire to lead by example, a get in there and have a go attitude, a passionate belief in team spirit and also to advocate our school's values of we play for FUN, FITNESS and FRIENDSHIP.

Rule Rangers (Year 6)

The role of the Rule Rangers is to promote a safe, respectful and learning focused school environment where students understand the rules and can demonstrate high levels of discipline and personal integrity.

Cyber Safety Agents I & T (Year 6)

The role of the Cyber-safety Agents is to promote safe and respectful on-line behaviours and support the school in teaching these important messages.  These leaders may need to support the school at functions where we promote the digital philosophies of our school.

Environmental Warriors (Year 6)

The role of the Environmental Warriors is to educate students and the Coomera Rivers community in the ethical protection of our environment and encourage us all to take action in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.  Their mission is simple:  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  These leaders work closely with the staff science team in ensuring their message is heard.

KidFit Leaders (Year 6)

Every year, nominated Year 6 students become Kid Fit Leaders to a buddy junior class.  Being KidFit Leader is a massive commitment as these students are responsible for organizing and supporting a junior class's Kid Fit program.  These KidFit Leaders are also responsible for supporting their Heads of House on junior sports days.

Other roles in younger grades

Class Student Council Representative (Year 3-6)

Class Student Council Representatives represent all students from their class and they also speak on behalf of a junior school buddy class.  Our student council members help organize and coordinate ways for students to participate and contribute to not only our school community but also the wider community and other worthy organisations.

Class Student Environmental Warriors (Year 3-5)

2020 saw the introduction of the Year 3 to 5 leadership role of a Class Environmental Warrior.  These students will be lead by the Year 6 Environmental Warriors – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle to from a team that ensures every class in our school is committed to reducing our eco footprint.  These students must demonstrate they are passionate about doing their bit to save the environment as well as inspire others.

Last reviewed 07 March 2022
Last updated 07 March 2022